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Lark Caye Range Placencia - $375,000

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Selling Price: $375,000
Location:  Lark Caye Range, Placencia, PL {id# 104}
Year Built:  
Category:  Beachfront
Square Feet:  0
Acres:   0.394 acres
Bedroom(s):  0
Bathroom(s):  0
Schools Near By:  

  Amelia Island at Lark Caye Range in southern Belize is one of the most strategically located islands around southern Belize. Amelia Island at Lark Caye Range is a very small island consisting of 0.394 acres but the island is larger and may almost be 1.5 acre in size.

  Amelia Island at Lark Caye Range has been partially developed by the owners by dredging and filling part of the island. The southern part of the island is the area that most of the fill was concentrated and easily an acre has been already reclaimed. The northern part of the island is the narrowest part perhaps about 100 feet from the west part of the island with distant views of beautiful Sunset behind the Maya Mountains and great views of sunrise on the East part of the island.

  The area that has been filled on the southern part of the island consists of an area approximately 200 feet wide and in depth approximately 200 feet and has been filled for around 2 feet high. Note, the property will require further fill. The northern part of the island is approximately about half acre that was left with minimal fill with mangrove trees that will need to fill in order to get it high and dry. However, the widest part of the island has been initially filled.

  The owners have places “Pimenta” sticks as retaining wall along the South-west part of the island, along the southern part and part of the south east of the island. One can get all the way to the island from the West part and dock on dry land. The south western part of the island is the deepest area of the island and would have a depth between 3-6 feet and can be done deeper if needed.
  Amelia Island at Lark Caye Range, boast of its own little private reef along the north part of the island, with numerous areas with nice coral heads, various species of marine life. Also, in the southern part of the island there is a mixed sand bar with coral area that is excellent for snorkeling. On the east part of the island, it has crystal clear waters and one can walk into the ocean for around 50 feet in shallow sandy waters and one can see Star Fish, different species of fish, and other marine life; in the north one can see and view the bottom of the pristine crystal clear waters excellent for snorkeling!

  The island can be accessed by either two water ports: the nearest way is from the famous and the most expensive real estate in Belize-Placencia! The trip from Placencia by boat to the island only takes about 15 minutes on a calm day and about 20 on a windy day! The island is as ideal as it is very close to amenities, as shopping areas, gas stations, medical facilities, transportation services, airstrip, and not to mention the many resorts and restaurants on the peninsula.

  With prices escalating higher and higher on the Placencia Peninsula, and also less availability of ocean front properties, this is an opportunity for you to own a piece of paradise yet not too far from civilization!

  The other water port one can get to the island from is from Mango Creek at Independence Village. It takes about 25 minutes by boat to the Island but one can take supplies from either Placencia or Mango Creek.

  There are still rumors that a Cruise Line Terminal will be developed in the deep water port in Big Creek and if this would happened the area will definitely will be visited by more tourist and prices in real estate will increase higher! One can open a day operated business to cater for those cruise line tourist from Amelia Island at Lark Caye! (Not contingent to this sale or presentation)
  There are numerous islands surrounding Amelia Island in this Lark Caye Range and there are at least 3 houses in the area which gives you a sense of development. The largest island that is developed is approximately 4 to 5 miles from Amelia Island which is right at the Great Barrier Reef and the island is South Water Caye!

  The usages for Amelia Island are endless, from fishing lodge, to a little resort, to a day based business such as bar and restaurant or even your own private residence! As is, there is a lot of boat traffic in the area as local fishermen guide bring their guest to these areas for great water fishing!

  Amelia Island at Lark Caye Range; “Something small, for those wanting to live large!”

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  Size: Two Lots with separate titles: Total 0.394 acres

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