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This is Belize

Eight thousand eight hundred sixty-seven square miles of tropical paradise, cradled on the west by majestic mountains and on the east by the world's second longest coral reef.

Mayan Temples in BelizeMany rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, caves, lush forests, spectacular beaches on its coastline and two hundred sixty-six square miles of islands, diving, fishing, nature trails and bird watching - these and more are Nature's Bounty in Belize.

Archaeological sites, where Maya architecture rise tall to proclaim the existence of ancient civilizations, dot the country from north to south.

A diverse blend of peoples and cultures spanning myriad races, creeds, and colours co-exist in harmony and mutual respect. About twice the size of Jamaica , Belize has a population of less than three hundred thousand.

Beautiful Sunsets in BelizeA multi-lingual society with a distinct Caribbean flavour infused into its fabric, Belize is the only English speaking nation in Central American.

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